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Ingenuity and investment are essential to shaping the future of agriculture and food


Imagine a world where...

  • Agriculture is at the forefront of fighting climate change
  • Global food security is not determined by where you live
  • Feeding growing populations doesn’t come at the cost of our environment
  • Ag and food supply chains are safer and more efficient
  • The planet is left in better shape for generations to come

Dreamers create great ideas. Doers create great companies. We dare you to shape a better future for our agri-food ecosystem – and we are here to help.



We Are Syngenta Group Ventures

Venture Capital Arm of Syngenta Group

Syngenta Group Ventures is committed to shaping a global agri-food system that serves the needs
of the 21st century, while leaving the planet in better shape for generations to come.

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