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About Us


Our mission, vision and values

Syngenta Group Ventures’ mission is to shape the future of agriculture and food through technology and business model innovation. As the venture capital arm of the Syngenta Group, we improve agriculture and global food security by enabling farmers to make better use of available resources.  

The power of technology, created by the ingenuity of people, can help ensure food security in partnership with the environment. Collectively, our team has deep experience in investments, management, entrepreneurship, expertise in technical and scientific disciplines – and a passion for pushing the industry forward. We invest in companies that:

  • Strengthen existing innovations and markets 
  • Seize new opportunities to drive farmer profitability 
  • Shape the future of farming

More than capital

Syngenta Group, with 53,000 colleagues in 100+ countries, aims to make farming more sustainable for our planet and for the communities engaged in it. No one can do it alone. As such, Syngenta Group Ventures supports entrepreneurs with more than just capital. Through our global network, agronomic expertise and talent of scientists and professionals worldwide, we bring unmatched knowledge and access.

Investors of transformative innovation

The Syngenta Group Ventures team is deeply connected to agriculture and represents more than 65 years of venture capital experience, with the team split between Europe and the United States.

Investment Approach

Since 2009, Syngenta Group Ventures has invested more than $200 million in new technologies and businesses transforming the future of agriculture and food.

Our extensive experience in agriculture and venture capital, and the unmatched global reach of the Syngenta Group provide the foundation to support entrepreneurs with investments, mentorship and global market reach.

We invite you to join us to shape a better, brighter future for agriculture.

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Supporters of sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is an approach to agriculture that increases food production from existing farmland without increasing impact on the environment. In the face of a growing human population and finite supply of land, water and energy, Syngenta Group Ventures believes we must all work together to provide the food we need without irreparable damage to the planet we live on.

We want to hear from you

If you are passionate about changing the world, believe that ingenuity and investment can solve today’s most urgent problems and want an investment partner that supports your vision while also challenging you to grow, we want to hear from you.