Syngenta has been involved in venturing since its formation in 2000 from the merger of Novartis’ and AstraZeneca’s Agribusinesses.

Our early venture capital activities were focused on investments in external life-science venture capital funds. In 2006 we took a more pro-active approach by co-establishing one of the first agricultural focused venture funds with the Dutch venture capital firm Life Sciences Partners.

In 2009 we expanded our investment capability by establishing our own direct investment vehicle, Syngenta Ventures, which was one of the first venture capital teams dedicated to the agricultural space. Today all of our venture capital activities are undertaken through Syngenta Ventures. With an experienced team of seven investment professionals, Syngenta Ventures has established itself as one of the most active investors in agriculture. We have a diverse, global portfolio of companies that share the common theme of having either technologies or business models that have the potential to shape the future of agriculture.